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Sports Marketing

Xtep has developed a clear brand image focusing on professional running that distinguishes it from its industry peers. During the Year, Xtep continued to rank first among all domestic brands and fourth among all global sports brands in international class marathons. In 2018, the Group was again the official partner of “Run China” recognized by the Chinese Athletic Association, as well as the sportswear sponsor of the highest number of marathons in China for the fourth consecutive year with a total of 42 major marathons and running events in 2018. The Group launched Xtep Run Clubs across the runner communities to elevate Xtep as a professional running brand. Currently, there are six Xtep Run Clubs in China, with most of them located in popular running places. The Clubs had a total of over 123,000 members as at 31 December 2018. 

The Group successfully organized the third annual Xtep 321 Running Festival as an annual national celebration of runners.

Sports Spokespersons

Xu Zhouzheng: Xu won the Men’s 60m final in the 2018 National Indoor Track and Field Championship in 6.48 seconds, becoming the second sprinter in Chinese track and field history to reach 6.50 seconds.


Kazakhstan National Track and Field Team: Xtep sponsored competition sportswear for Kazakhstan’s National Track and Field Team, the team members wore Xtep clothes in all competitions, notably, the Asian Games held in Jin Jakarta and Palembang in 2018.