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Entertainment Marketing

To increase brand awareness among youngsters, Xtep was the official designated sports brand sponsor of “The Rap of China” Season 2, leveraging the show to attract the new generation and promote its “Street” lifestyle products. The Group also organized the second annual “Xtep Storming the Streets”, a trendy street sports event, in 2018. Famous Chinese rappers were invited to perform and it attracted over one million participants, allowing Xtep to boost brand exposure among the young customers.

Entertainment Celebrity Spokespersons


New seven-member boy group formed by music giant Yuehua Entertainment. They became popular to post-90s and millennial generation audiences since popular reality show “Idol Producer” made and exclusively broadcasted by iQiyi. They are expected to be the next superstar Chinese pop boy band. 

Lin Gengxin
One of the most popular young actors in China. He impressed audiences with his TV Series debut in “Each Step Escape”, and gained enormous popularity by playing the male lead in “Princess Agents” in 2017.

Nicholas Tse

A widely-known artist and young successful entrepreneur, Tse was Xtep’s first celebrity spokesperson, and has remained our spokesperson for over a decade. His ties with Xtep have continued to blossom, where he became a Shareholder in July 2016 and will deepen our long-standing working relationship in the areas of product development and marketing and promotion.

Jiro Wang

A Taiwanese singer and actor, he gained popularity as a member of the former Taiwanese boy-band Fahrenheit and has over 17 million page views on his Baidu Baike page and over 16 million followers on his official Weibo account.