Xtep today held a media conference at Hilton Guangzhou Science City during which it signed a spokesperson agreement with the famous Asian basketball player Jeremy Lin, marking its foray into the basketball business realm.

To Do as I believe and Together Achieve the Extraordinary

After graduating from Harvard, Jeremy Lin started pursuing his basketball dream, but it has not been all smooth sailing. He was an also-ran, but he persevered, despite facing doubts and pressure from the world outside. From finishing his first game to giving birth to “Linsanity”: seven victories, one-on-one with basketball superstars, killer moves, and sustaining injuries that kept him off court the entire season, Jeremy has stayed true to his basketball dream, unleashing his best on court and working hard and with discipline off court, making him a role model for many young people. Asked why Xtep picked Jeremy as its spokesperson, Mr. Ding Shui Po, Chairman of the Board of Xtep, said, “A main reason Xtep wants to partner with Jeremy is that he and Xtep share the same spirit and qualities, moving forward with self-confidence, perseverance and faith, daring to dream and never give up in the face of adversity.”

Success takes one holding fast to his original intention, countering doubts and marching forward with courage. Since Xtep was born in 2001, it has grown its business starting with pursuing differentiated marketing then into dual sports and entertainment strategy, enabling it to effectively deploy and develop running related business, to now joining hands with Jeremy marking its foray into the basketball business sector. For more than a decade, Xtep has stayed true to its choice and embarked on an exceptional journey of development.

Xtep’s Differentiated Basketball Business with Product Co-Creation

At the press conference, Xtep unveiled its “Basketball Product Co-Creation Plan”, which aim is to maintain close interaction with consumers and, via product co-creation, come up with basketball products that can truly meet consumers’ needs. Moreover, Xtep hopes to improve the professional functions of its products by working together with professional basketball players. Bringing professional knowledge and the mass consumers together will give it a strong foundation for product co-creation.

In the basketball realm, Xtep aspires to pave its own differentiated path. Unlike current mainstream basketball brands which focus only on the performance side of the sport, Xtep will develop its basketball business with a multi-dimensional approach, tying together the professional aspects of the sport with schools, charity and fashion, in the future, thereby creating a unique image for Xtep’s basketball products.

Jeremy Lin also has great expectation of the partnership with Xtep. He said, “Right from the beginning when I was considering working with Xtep, I was impressed by Xtep’s unique brand development journey, showing dedication to its dream, standing out with self-confidence, and I also saw Xtep’s professional and innovative strengths. It is my hope too that, through the product co-creation initiative, we can encourage more people to take part in the basketball sport in all different ways and come to love the sport more.”

Jeremy Lin to be Xtep’s Charity Ambassador to Support Youngsters Living in Poverty-stricken Areas in Pursuing their Basketball Dream

At the press conference, the Group also announced the appointment of Jeremy as its Charity Ambassador. He and the Group donated there at the event sports equipment to students living in remote and poverty-stricken areas. In the future, the Group will continue to cooperate with Jeremy on launching a series of charitable programs. Apart from donation, Jeremy, as Xtep’s Charity Ambassador, will visit children living in poor and remote regions every year as a role model to encourage them to chase their basketball dreams.

As a socially responsible enterprise, Xtep has worked closely with the China Next Generation Education Foundation in recent years and kicked off active donation activities. So far, sports equipment worth close to RMB50 million had been donated to more than 650 schools in eight provinces including Shandong, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and Qinghai, and over 30 cities and counties, benefitting more than 150,000 people. Going forward, Xtep will seek to improve the quality and coverage of its charitable activities, adopt new formats and enrich the content of those activities to allow young people living in poverty to not only experience sports, but also enjoy and like them.