The beginning of a new era
The Group’s three-year strategic transformation starting to bear fruit
Chinese Runners' Favorite Brand
Continued to ranked #1 among domestic brands in international class marathons held in China
Healthy balance sheet with net cash position
RMB 2,437.6 million of net cash and cash equivalents, equivalent to 45.7% of net assets
Mid-teens same store sales growth
Signifying success of the Group in transforming and boosting development of its business
Stronger brand and product Portfolio
Coupled with O2O initiative with the exclusive distributors, e-commerce business registered a robust performance with its revenue contribution continued to be over 20% in 2018
Trade receivables turnover further Improved
Trade receivables turnover daysfurther reduced to 105 days RMB 79.2 million of provisions written-back
New store image and customer experience
75% of the Group’s stores were refurbished into new international-style sports store format in 2018 to uplift customer experience
dividend payout ratio
The dividend payout ratio for 2018 was approximately 60%, maintaining high dividend payout of above 50% since listing in 2008
6 Xtep Run Clubs
The Group directly operates a total of six Xtep Run Clubs in 2018, to elevate Xtep as a running professional brand